Policy Management Portal (PMP)

Innovative and revolutionary life settlements auction platform designed and developed to manage all stages of a policy sale from initial bid through to sale completion in an easy to use and intuitive environment.

PMP is the online vehicle through which CGA, on behalf of its clients, releases life insurance policies for sale to the tertiary market. A free account on PMP is required to participate in the auctions. Once registered, you will have access to all auctions in the first bidding stages and will be able to view initial case information for evaluation prior to bidding. For information or to request access to auctions taking place on PMP, email pmp@cganalysts.com.

Loaded with features

  • No membership or purchaser fees
  • Accessible 24/7 and being time-zone friendly operates in users’ local time (based on computer settings)
  • Secure channel messaging to communicate directly with CGA
  • View activity, manage watchlists and create and store notes in a personal account area

Bidding made simple

  • Progress can be followed on a real-time basis
  • Auction start and end alerts with automatic email status notifications
  • Access to initial case information (eg. Illustrations, LEs, policy) for evaluation prior to bidding
  • Automatic bidding – set a maximum price and allow PMP to bid up for you
  • Auction winners have access to all case documentation to complete due diligence prior to closing
  • Monitor complete closing status and process within PMP

Confidential, transparent and risk compliant

  • Developed in compliance with CGA’s ISO9001:2015 international standards quality management accreditation
  • 256-bit encryption ensures data security
  • User permission levels implemented for each stage of the auction process
  • Dedicated case file records all activity which is date and time stamped for user's audit purposes

PMP Ticker - Option to download the PMP Ticker included with every account

  • Easy to install, the ticker nests at the top of your screen
  • Receive live updates in real time with alerts when bids update
  • Ticker links directly to all live auctions in PMP
  • See case data such as DBV, carrier, latest bid, auction end date, Average LE, with visible alerts to any updates

For more information about PMP or to request an account email pmp@cganalysts.com

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